Mom Beds

I don’t know what it is about the beds of mothers, but they’re a special place. I remember when I was little, Edie’s (My bio mom) bed was an amazing place to me. I would lie there watching her get ready for dates, wondering if I too would be do the same thing one day. I remember trying to get her to let me sleep in bed with her and she’d never let me. I remember once she had a waterbed with silk sheets and my cousin and I wrestled on that bed for ages, the waves of the water making the game far more fun.

As a mom myself, my bed has been a special place in itself. My son slept in my bed with me for most of his life, we’ve always had pets and they’ve also slept with me, my friends have all crashed in bed with me at some point, and my son will randomly come in in the mornings to lay down on my bed and watch me get ready for work. When we watch special movies, they’re usually in my bed, and yes we eat snacks in it. My bed is a nice king sized malm bed from IKEA, but I used to have a tiny double bed and at the time we had a cat, were fostering a dog & my son slept with me the majority of the nights. At one point with that bed my sister also came to stay with me and she joined us in the bed.

The one disadvantage of having a huge bed is that I always seem to lose stuff in it! At any given time there is an iPad, laptop, phone, water bottle, inhaler, mouse, book, stuffed animals, real animals and vape in my bed. Oh and don’t forget the myriad of controllers and remotes in there as well!

I’m not sure what it is about mom beds but they seem to be a very special place for children, so I try to make mine inviting & ¬†comforting for my son. I am not going to lie though, when the kid is gone for the night and now that I’m no longer living with a boyfriend, I will often just lay back & enjoy the fact this giant ass king sized bed is ALL MINE and I spread out all over the entire thing.

Anyway, that was definitely a long winded ramble on mom beds, but it’s just been in my head for a few days since my son was begging to just lie in my bed for TEN MINUTES because it’s the comfiest bed in all the lands!!

Hope anyone reading this has a lovely Sunday!


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